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In accordance with Acts 6 and the Pastoral Epistles of I Timothy and Titus, Baptist Grove Deacons consistently strive to be servant leaders by faithfully serving the Lord’s Table, the table of the poor/needy/sick, and serving the table of the Pastor.

Therefore, every effort embarked upon by the Deacons seeks to ensure that it comes under the umbrella of one of these three tables, as well as within the parameters of living in Faith, Living in Fellowship and Living to Serve.

Each Sunday morning or at each service, members will find the deacons to be in active attendance and leading in the liturgy, prayer and any many other areas of service and fellowship

The Deacons are engaged and involved in a myriad of ministry efforts alongside our Pastor, with the overall objective of ensuring that our worship services are God centered and Spirit-filled, our congregational and community needs are addressed, and that the ordinances that God left for His church are administered.

Sundar Fleming

Steve Grissom

Ernest Hicks

James Jones

Troy McMillan

Bill Ricks

Keith Shannon

Alvin Quarles

Anne Smith

Daniel O’Neal

Kendall Ross

Marc Sneed

Margaret George

Sylvia Jones