POOLED – Play by Moses T. Alexander Greene

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Sunday, April 15, 2018


4:00 pm


Under the music direction of Carolyn Colquitt and with a score of soul-cleansing gospel, sultry R&B, and heart-wrenching blues, Moses T. Alexander Greene’s POOLED is the story of how Delsin Jacobs’ determination for personal healing at the Pool of Bethesda is changed by his interaction with those already gathered.

The stellar cast includes Lynnette Barber, Chanda Branch, Allen F. Brown, Jajuan Cofield, Sandra Dubose, Clarice Gerald-Hall, Celeste Hinnant, Darius Hooks, Juan Isler, Taufiki Lee, Connie McCoy, Alfredo Munroy, Loretta Vinson, Aya Wallace, India Williams, and Moses T. Alexander Greene.

Hear their stories.
Remember your journey.
Be healed…together.

Presented by Deb Royals-Mizerk and Li V Mahob Productions.
Note: Contains mature themes which may not be suitable for children and young audiences.

Learn more about Moses T Alexander Greene’s “Pooled”

Show Run Time:  2h 20min


MUF Sanctuary
Main Campus

7109 Leesville Road
Raleigh, NC 27613