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2019 Scholarships Document




  • High School Graduates, College & Post College Graduates must complete a Pre-registration form by March 23, 2019. You must complete this form in order to participate. – PRE-REGISTSRATION IS NOW CLOSED.


  • If your child is being promoted from Pre-K –1t Grade, Elementary to Middle, and Middle to High School, Please complete the Promotion Form.


  • High School Graduates – Please complete the High School form by April 23, 2019. YOUR PHOTO and an OFFICIAL (SEALED) copy of your transcript is due!


  • The BGC Book Scholarship Application/Essay is due by April 23, 2019.


  • Sealed High School Transcripts are due on April 23, 2019.


  • College & Post College Graduates – Please complete the College/Post College Graduate Form by April 23, 2019 – Your Photo is due.


  • Academic & Promotion Recognition – We would like to recognize students who made the A or A/B (4 or 4/3) honor roll through the 3rd quarter of the 2018- 2019 academic year on Sunday, June 23, 2019. This is open to ALL STUDENTS. – Due May 15, 2019.- See link below:
 Due Date   Form Name  Link
March 23, 2019 Pre-registration Form–pre-registratio
April 23, 2019 Pre-k – High School Promotion Form
April 23, 2019 High School Graduate Form
April 23, 2019 College & Post College Graduate Form


April 23, 2019 Scholarship Application Baptist Grove Church Book Scholarship Application & Guidelines Package

Link to Application & Essay only:

2019 BGC Scholarship & Essay Application

April 23, 2019 O.T. Willis “Spirit of Excellence” Scholarship O.T.Willis Spirit of Excellence Scholarship Application
May 3, 2019 Academic & Promotion Recognition Form

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Academic Recognition Form


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May 10, 2019 RIMA Scholarship RIMA SCHOLARSHIP

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