God desires for us to live in abundance and freedom and He wants to stir up the gifts and talents that he has placed in you so that you can use them for the up building of the Kingdom of God. Life classes are a tool designed to help you walk faithfully and in authority in all areas of your life.

Life Classes cover a wide variety of topics and are designed to teach participants practical skills, based on biblical principles, through a sustained engagement over the course of several weeks. The curriculum provides comprehensive programming to address critical life issues. In this session participants will learn how to be faithful disciples in the area of their finances.

There will be 5 separate tracks offered this session. Each track will be taught by a trained professional and participants will meet concurrently each week for two hours. Upon completion of each track, participants will receive a certificate of achievement. Persons desiring to participate in this exciting opportunity should register for ONE (1) of the 5 tracks found on the attached schedule.

Extended registration close date:  March 13th

LIFE Classes – Financial Literacy Schedule