Serenity Essentials, LLC

Serenity Essentials, LLC

Business Name: Serenity Essentials, LLC

Business Owner: Alfreda Barnett

Category: Consumer Goods, Life Style

Phone Number: (919) 247-3635

Business Description: Serenity Essentials products are all-natural and handcrafted, using only high-quality essential oils and organic ingredients. Serenity Essentials provides a holistic experience by promoting wellness for the mind, body and spirit through a spa-like experience. Serenity Essentials handmade collections include exfoliating body scrubs, enriching body butters and moisturizing creams, as well as revitalizing aromatherapy sprays.

BGC holds no accountability for the quality of work done or responsibility for anything that occurs as a result of using this listed business. 

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