Yapriah Life and Healing PLLC

Yapriah Life and Healing PLLC

Business Name: Yapriah Life and Healing PLLC

Business Owner: Suzette Aiken

Category: Lifestyle

Business Description: Hebrew agriculture term for "to blossom". Yapriah Life & Healing PLLC. believes in the power of sowing seasons of remembering, searching, and self discovery to reap a thriving lifestyle full of contentment. The "Yapriah Mentality" is rooted in the belief that despite their circumstances, individuals have inside them all they need to thrive through life's stressors and pressures. With coaching and encouragement, through therapeutic practices, individuals will recover their sense of BLOOM-ability.

BGC holds no accountability for the quality of work done or responsibility for anything that occurs as a result of using this listed business. 

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