Praise Worship Surrender | Youth Worship Night


Jun 09 2023


7:00 pm

Praise Worship Surrender | Youth Worship Night

ALL YOUTH! LISTEN UP! For our traditional students, you are about to be done with another school year! For our students on a modified calendar, you’ve done it! And for our year-round students, you’ve finished and started again, but hey! You did it as well. We all survived another school year, with all the homework, test, quizzes, exams, projects, friendships and frienemies, extracurricular??? You name it. We made it! So now, we need to worship the One who made it all possible. That’s right we need to worship our God!! On June 9th, 2023 here at Baptist Grove Church, we will host a Youth Worship Night. Our theme is “Surrender”. Our scripture is Matthew 11:28, and our prayer is that you will join us here in the house, 7pm, as we surrender and worship our God. Mark your calendars, June 9th! Let’s worship! Before you get into your summer plans, let’s worship! Let’s thank God for bringing us through another school year. Show up, and show God, how worthy he is! We’ll see you in the building!!!

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