Funeral Procedures

Baptist Grove Church

Because death is such an important and sensitive time in our lives, we have set up guidelines below to assist families through the funeral preparation process.

To report a death, immediately notify the church by submitting this form, call the church office at (919) 787-4528, or call our Crisis Care Line at (919) 592-9621. The Front Office will contact you once your information has been received and a Deacon will be assigned to sit down and follow up with the family.

Funeral Services at Baptist Grove Church

Funeral services are designed to meet the needs of the family and every attempt is made to accommodate the family’s requests. The Front Office, Worship Ministry, Deacons and Pastor will speak with the family regarding the list of items below. Please do not finalize your service date and time without initially speaking with the Front Office at Baptist Grove. This will allow the Front Office to check the availability of the Pastor and Church.

Order of Worship

This is the approved Order of Worship (OOW) that will be used during the funeral service at Baptist Grove Church; please provide this information to the program maker so that they can stay in compliance with the policy of Baptist Grove Church. Please consider/fill in as many items as possible.


  1. The Prelude
  2. The Processional of Clergy & Family
  3. The Hymn
  4. The Prayer of Comfort
  5. The Scripture (OT & NT)
    (Please specify or a member of our Deacon Board or Ministerial Staff will choose)
  6. Song
  7. Resolutions/Acknowledgements/Remarks
    (No more than three (3) people, 2 minutes each)
  8. Obituary Reading (Silent reading only)
  9. Song
  10. Eulogy
  11. Closing Prayer
  12. Burial/Cemetery – Instructions

Family Requests/Need

Please communicate any special needs for service:

  • Special guests, clergy or speakers
  • Easel for pictures
  • Reserved parking
  • Special sound request – Please share on USB or Link to a shared drive.
  • Special Ceremonies (such as Sororities/Fraternities, Masonic, Eastern Star, etc.)
  • Reserved seating (sororities, fraternity, ministries, church, those with disabilities etc.)
  • Soloists/Guest Musicians
  • Repast (If Baptist Grove will cater the Repast please provide a headcount immediately)

Frequently Asked


Can I have a funeral service in the sanctuary?

Yes, based on availability, space, number of expected visitors and family members.

What is the difference between a funeral service and a memorial service?

A funeral service is a gathering of family and friends with the decease’s body present. At a memorial service the body is not present.

Can the church provide names of funeral homes to the family?

 Yes, we can provide the names of some funeral homes in the area or you can log onto the following website at:

Who selects the minister to do the eulogy?

Funerals for Baptist Grove members are performed by the BGC ministerial staff.

Who selects the menu for the repast/collation?

The Food Ministry selects the repast menu. All menu suggestions/requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Does the church have a policy that prohibits cremation?

No. The family makes the cremation arrangement with the funeral home.