Pump it Up | Gas & Prayer Giveaway


We’re serving our city with gas and prayer for the journey!

 $25 gas to 500 people in the Raleigh area and we’d love to bless you on yours!


When: Saturday, April 16th from 10am-12pm

Where: We’ll be at 2 locations. Choose which location is closest to you!
• Han-Dee-Hugo’s/BP 9910 Sellona St.
• Han-Dee-Hugo’s/BP at 10100 Leesville Rd.

Got questions? We’ve got answers!


• Do I have to register?

No registration needed. Just drive up and let us serve you!


• Is prayer a requirement to receive gas?

Not at all. While volunteers are more than happy to pray with you about whatever is on your heart, it is not required to receive services. We simply desire to share the kindness, generosity, hope, and love of Christ with our community!


• What if I want to fill up?

No problem! After you get your free $25 fill, compliments of BGC, you’ll be directed to a different pump where you can top off. We’ll even pump it for you if you like! 


• What can I expect?

Upon arrival, you’ll be given a number and directed to an open pump. Once there, a volunteer will pump your gas, and another will be available to pray with you as you wish. The best part is you never even have to get out of your car!


• Can I go to both locations?

It’s not that we don’t want to see your face twice! It’s just that we want to see as many faces as we can to share the love with!


• What kind of gas is being offered?

Whatever kind of gas your tank requires- regular, plus, premium, diesel, we’ve got you covered!


• Do I have to provide any information?

Nope! No strings attached, but if you want to connect with us and do life with real people growing in their faith, you can find us on the hill at 7109 Leesville Rd in Raleigh or on any of our social media platforms. We’d love to have you for a visit or a long-term stay! ! !


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