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Volunteer  Job Description


Ministry: Life Group Leaders

Team Lead: Rev. Reggie Wise

Virtual or On-Site: In Person and Virtual

Volunteer Job Description:

Purpose: To grow spiritually you have to be connected spiritually. Our Life Groups are small groups created to help members Grow deeper, together, in their relationship with God, thus strengthening their relationship in community with one another.


Core Values: 

  • Discipleship We help people know Jesus intimately and follow Jesus closely because Jesus transforms lives (2 Corinthians 5:17).
  • Authenticity We foster authenticity by providing a safe space for people to be honest, and by modeling integrity because God desires those who worship him “in spirit and in truth (John 4:24-25).”
  • Belonging We make people feel like they are a part of the family by embracing them as such because community reflects the image of God.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Commit to serving through the end of the calendar year
  • Take the lead role in setting the agenda for the group
  • Submit all curriculum for approval, including changes to the original proposal
  • Attend monthly one-on-one check ins with the Director of Ministries
  • Make myself available for continued training
  • Address issues/conflicts directly with an individual(s) involved. This includes church leadership
  • Cultivate my own relationship with God through regular prayer and Bible study
  • Notify life group members of unavoidable changes to the schedule
  • Work to identify and develop an apprentice
  • Refer questions about church leadership, doctrine to the Minister of Discipleship
Spiritual Gifts:

Spiritual Gifts that align with this ministry are listed below. You may have one or more of these gifts which may contribute to your being a good addition to the team.

  • Community Builder- The ability to help create koinonia, that unique type of inclusive fellowship that characterized the early Christian church.
  • Hospitality- The ability to meet the basic social needs of and to extend care to strangers, persons beyond one’s immediate circle of friends.
  • Encouragement- The capacity to encourage others, in groups and individually, with understanding, sympathy, and positive guidance
  • Healing- A sensitivity to the pains and hurts of other persons and the capacity to participate in addressing these pains and hurts.
  • Mentoring- The ability to affirm, to equip, and to support other Christians in spiritual formation and Christian ministry.
  • Mercy- The ability to identify with and to feel the pains and hurts of another person and the capacity to help that person move beyond those pains and hurts.



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