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Volunteer  Job Description


Ministry: New Life Ministry

Team Lead: Roy Washington

Virtual or On-Site: In Person and Virtual

Co-Team Lead: Ramona Simmons and Felecia O’Neal

Volunteer Job Description:

Ministry Purpose:   To be an encouragement to all our new members during their first 90 days here at Baptist Grove. 

As new converts and members join our church, we want to immediately begin the discipleship process (walking alongside a person to encourage growth in their relationship with Christ) and connect them with ministries to encourage their involvement. 

Scripture Foundation:

Acts 8:26-39 (Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch)

  • The Eunuch was Phillip’s assignment (This is why he was sent)
  • Peter came to where the Eunuch was (in the chariot)
  • Phillip was a guide who helped to explain the scriptures to the Eunuch (This is necessary before and after conversion)

Acts 9:10-19 (Ananias’ Role in the Conversion of the Apostle Paul)

  • Paul was Ananias’ Assignment
  • Saul’s Eyes were opened, but he could not see anything. Ananias was the instrument God would use to give clear vision to Paul (helping others to see more clearly)
  • Ananias had to overcome his own fears and become comfortable with being vulnerable (Discipleship requires relationships that will leave us vulnerable at times)

Acts 4:36

  • Barnabas engaged in the ministry of “encouragement” for members of the church
  • Barnabas is an advocate for Saul before Christians in Jerusalem (Acts 9:26-27), which is an example of the Ambassador’s role to acclimate members into the Christian community.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as an initial representative from our church membership after individuals make decisions to accept Christ and/or join Baptist Grove.
  • Walk alongside our new members for the first 90 days as they seek to become acclimated to our ministry and establish relationships in our church family.
  • Attend required ministry meetings and training

Volunteer Needs:

  • Ambassadors
  • Facilitators for “Rooted” new member Life Group

Requirements to serve:

  • Spiritually mature
  • Attend required 30-minute training

Time Commitment:

  • Sunday Service (time commitment based on service and frequency)
  • 90 days to walk with new members (when assigned to a new member)
  • 1 hour for Ministry Meetings and Training
Spiritual Gifts:

Spiritual Gifts that align with this ministry are listed below. You may have one or more of these gifts which may contribute to your being a good addition to the team.

Spiritual Gifts: 

  • Community Builder – The ability to help create koinonia, that unique type of inclusive fellowship that characterized the early Christian church.
  • Evangelism – The capacity to discern when and how the Gospel message should be communicated to persons outside the Christian community
  • Knowledge – The capacity to cognitively comprehend the complexities of God’s Truth and to explain these complexities to others
  • Service – The ability to perform the most basic acts of kindness as a means to glorify God and to embody the Gospel
  • Helps – The ability and overwhelming desire to aid persons in need


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